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Family bliss with a view of Mt. Ötscher – this is the motto of the baby and children's farm Bodenhof. Playing with the kids, soaking up the sun, feeling the rain, walking barefoot through the grass or just lazing around – at the four flower-host in Wienerbruck, enjoying summer and nature is easy. And on top of that, there is never a boring day thanks to the playground, the children's play area and the six riding horses. Parking is available at the property, and pets are allowed.

Other facilities at the Wilde Wunder Card host: Sauna, ping pong table, whirlpool and many more.

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Excellent hotel. Great room.

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  • Room

    4.8 / 5
    5 ratings
    • „Apartments clean“

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  • Detailed features of accommodations
    Smoke-free host, Sauna, Terrace/guest garden, Animals at the farm, TV in the room, Washing machine, Wifi, Room with balcony, Lounge area, Baby bed, Baby highchair, Family-like atmosphere, Breakfast room, Barbecue area, Internet usage options, Kid's play corner, Sunbathing lawn
  • Service
    Bread service, Breakfast possible, Breakfast, Breakfast buffet, Half board, Pets allowed, The farm's own products, Children's discounts, Pick-up frm the nearest train station, Parking, Ski bus from lodgings, Ski cellar/storage room, Daily newspaper, Vegetarian cuisine, Full board
  • Sports/recreation
    Hiking trails, Whirlpool, Bike rentals, Garden, Kid's outdoor playground, Horseback riding option, Sauna, Petting zoo, Table tennis
  • Capacities
    Beds: 21, Single rooms: 1, Double rooms: 1, Shared rooms: 1, Holiday flats: 5, Rooms with balcony: 5, Maximum groupsize: 35

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