Hiking through winter landscapes

Winter hiking in Annaberg: cleared trails and routes for snow-loving tourers

Winter hikers, welcome to romantic, snow-clad Annaberg! Schutzhaus am Tirolerkogel and numerous inns are inviting places to stop for a while and warm up.

Skiers and snowboarders are not the only ones attracted to Annaberg in the winter. Hikers also know how enchanting the countryside is in winter. The snow-covered region in the Mostviertel has tranquil routes for hikers and walkers just out for a stroll.

Winter hiking in Annaberg

From Annaberg it is 1,377 m up to Tirolerkogel. On a clear day, the incredible view extends all the way to Hochschwab and Gesäuse. Schutzhaus, the mountain shelter on the summit, serves food all year round. It is the perfect place to warm up cold feet fast.

Cleared for hiking

The cleared access road goes from Gasthof Sägemühle to Stadlerhof – and from there to Hennesthof or the parking lot of the Reidl lifts. From there, hikers proceed along Marionsteig to Annaberg. There they stop in at an inn – Meyer or Zur Post – for fortification. The trail is also cleared on Joachimsberg – with a view of Ötscher and into Lassing Valley and with a stop-off at Schaglhof – or the route to Kollerbauer Farm (Holidays on the Farm), along Wienerbruck reservoir.