Mini-Bikepark Annaberg

From the running bike to the mountain bike - over waves and steep curves

The new Mini Bike Park Annaberg is a freely accessible mountain bike training area with pump track, skills track, flowline and skillsline. The facility is designed for all skill levels, for children and adults, from running bikes to professional bikes, to train riding skills, balance and off-road mountain biking.

The "Flowline" is 700m long and the main track of the Mini-Bikepark. It leads downhill on the easiest difficulty level via various track variants, including the "Skillsline" with curve combinations and riding technique elements. The facility is used without a lift, and a so-called "Uphill Trail" leads uphill.

During lift opening hours, you can easily get back to the start with the Reidl magic carpet. A day ticket for the conveyor belt costs € 9.50 per person.

The "Pumptrack" is a modular training course built as a circuit on the flat. It can be ridden on a running bike, mountain bike, skateboard, inline skates or scooter. Speed can be built up over waves and steep curves without pedalling and only by shifting weight. The "Skill Track" is a mountain bike track built on the flat, where you ride or jump over obstacles. Pumptrack and Skillstrack can also be ridden in bad weather conditions.

The Mini Bike Park is open from mid-May to the end of October!