Hearty regional delicacies

The inns and alpine huts in Annaberg win visitors over with delicacies from the Mostviertel cuisine, friendly service and cozy flair.

At the inns and alpine huts in Annaberg, you can really taste that you are a guest in the Mostviertel. The menu has mostly hearty dishes from regional and Austrian cuisine. The local “Schofkas” is typical of the mountain region. A mild fresh cheese made from ewe’s milk or a mixture of ewe’s and cow’s milk.

Mostviertel varieties of most – these fermented ciders made of pears or apples or a mixture of both – are favorite beverages to drink with a meal.

“Annasuppe” is a new dish with old roots. It is a hearty creamy soup meant to fortify pilgrims on their way to Mariazell and of course, others as well.

The alpine hut is the goal!

Annaberg in the Mostviertel Alps is rich in cozy alpine huts, be they up on the summit with a magnificent panorama or in the heart of the imposing Ötschergräben, Austria’s Grand Canyon in Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park.

There are nice hiking trails leading to all of them, quite walkable for families, too.

Making your way to these huts is well-worthwhile in any case because no matter where you go as a hiker, you are treated to regional delicacies and regaled in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

ANNA ALM, an alpine pasture on Hennesteck, affords an unforgettable panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and valleys of Ötscher Land.

The highest building in Annaberg is on Tirolerkogel at 1377 m above sea level. The stunning view of the High Alps is reward enough for the hour and a half climb. Schneeberg can be admired from here, as can Hochschwab or Gesäuseberge. Not to mention Ötscher, of course, the mountain that gave the surrounding countryside its name.

Ötscher-Basis, the new visitors center for the nature park, is at the start of the Ötschergraben in Wienerbruck and one of the finest entry points into the ÖTSCHER:REICH region.