The Speedline, the Waveride or the FunCross - the Anna-Park offers a lot of variety.

A freestyle area with fun park, waveride and permanent FunCross course attracts with cool offers especially the daring among winter sports enthusiasts.

The Anna Park with the areas "Family", "FunCross" and "Waveride" brings variety for every winter sports enthusiast - whether with skis or snowboard, beginner or professional, young or old:

  • In the "Anna-Park Waveride" you learn to control speed and balance in a playful way.
  • The "Anna-Park Family" is the fun park for the first freestyle attempts, optimally adapted to small freestylers and everyone who wants to dare their first slides and jumps. From a common starting point, two "lines" lead through the area: over a funbox and a kicker for first jumps, or over a four-meter Rainbow Butterbox and two Flat Butterboxes for the first slides. With this setup, the Anna-Park Family is perfect for gaining first freestyle experiences.
  • The "Anna-Park FunCross" provides action with steep turns, snow waves and jumps - or as the experts say: with "banked turns", "waves" and "kickers". On a length of 800 meters, beginners and pros will find two different lines: after a common start area and some snow waves and two steep turns, the course divides into an "Easyline" and a "Sportline". The blue easyline goes over waves and steep turns, a boost kicker and a small jump over a funbox. At the end waits "Slopy", a padded figure that you can give a "high five" before swinging off. The red Sportline goes faster over bigger snow waves and steep turns to two 6 meter kickers and an 8 meter target jump. This course is also used for ski cross and snowboard cross races and can be extended for that purpose. Due to the split track layout, the Easyline remains passable for the day guest even during racing operations.